Balloon Garlands

We are pleased to announce that Balloon Garlands have become the most popular item in the last couple of years! The reason behind the need for such a beautiful creation is because they are very unique and elegant structures that can be placed in locations that other decorations can't hold up to.


Balloon Garlands are strans of various sized balloons, ranging from 5 inch balloons upwards to 36 inch balloons, gathered in an array of spontaneous color options. The structures are built with great care and installed with professional tools to help showoff the gorgeous design.


The best advise to give in using a Balloon Garland is that by letting your mind free from boarders and lines to follow. These beautiful balloon decorations can range in different lengths from anywhere from 6 feet long upwards to 20 feet long.


Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions about Balloon Garlands.


We have an array of options of installing Balloon Garlands, by using existing poles, columns, stair rails, doorways, tables, outdoor poles, outdoor columns. We also offer the use of rental of our equipment that allows the beautiful Balloon Garlands to attach to our poles and bases.


Contact us and we will be happy to help assist you with any questions.


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